The Winning Advantage
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This training will answer all of your questions and prepare you to organize a winning campaign.

This non-partisan in-depth program takes place over the course of three weekends.

Candidate Training
In partnership with Planned Parenthood Arizona and the Arizona Education Association, the Leading For Change Candidate Training is for individuals planning to run for a city, county or state elected position.

Whether you’re planning to run for office in two years or even ten, the information provided in this six-day training program is invaluable for positioning an effective campaign.

This training is designed to connect individuals with the resources, knowledge, networks and skills needed to advance principled values through elected office.

Supporting individuals who want to be a part of shaping the agenda for the well-being of Arizona, topics covered include:

  • What It Takes To Run For Office and its impact on families and friends
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Running For Office
  • Framing Your Vision & Values
  • Message Development & Delivery
  • Campaign Planning
  • Developing YOUR Campaign Plan
  • Campaign Financing
  • Cultivating Donors and Raising Funds
  • Voter Targeting and Contact
  • Marketing
  • “Hot” Issues
  • Q&A with Elected Officials
  • And more!


Workshop Location
All workshops will be held at the AEA offices, located at
 345 East Palm Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85004

For more information contact Beth Meyer bmeyer@azleadingforchange.org or call 602-253-0119.